Daniel is obsessed with Jazz, but the world is too loud a place to hear what’s going on. Javeed doesn’t understand a word, but happily communicates with anybody by smiling. Toby makes a lot of noise, but nobody seems to listen…


An exploration of Asperger’s, Down Syndrome and misunderstood emotions introduces you to the parents, teachers, friends and professionals who touch the lives of three very different boys with one shared hope in life.

"But here I had a chance
To find the music in the noise.

Hear melodies and strive
To breathe through chaos all the while.

Right now, I was alive!"

Written and performed by Samuel Clayton
Running time: 50 minutes

Catapult's inaugural production is a direct response to experiences of working with children in numerous settings and aims to enhance the pursuit of effective education for people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Cheltenham Everyman - Studio

Tuesday 14th May - 19:45

Wednesday 15th May - 19:45


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